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Leers Weinzapfel Associates: Advancing the Timber Typology at All Scales

Tom Chung and Ashley Rao highlight the tremendous potential for wood construction

C.F. Møller Architects complete Sweden’s tallest timber tower

Use of solid wood instead of concrete will save an estimated 550 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the building’s life

A triumph of biophilic, home-owner-centric architecture in Amsterdam

Freebooter harmonizes form and function across a meticulously crafted layout

Leers Weinzapfel Associates receives 2020 AIA COTE Top Ten Award

The largest, cross-laminated timber academic structure in the U.S. demonstrates emerging technologies of mass timber as a renewable construction resource with economic and aesthetic advantages

Jan Henrik Jansen and Marshall Blecher collaborate on one of the first private residences in Denmark made from CLT

Constructed entirely from cross-laminated timber, Villa Korup is an experimental steel clad villa in the Danish countryside

Norway is home to the world’s tallest timber tower

Mjøstårnet represents a genuine milestone in its use of timber for construction and cladding