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Atlassian to build the world’s tallest hybrid timber tower for its new headquarters

Hybrid structure is significantly lower in embodied carbon and offers a substantial reduction in the building’s carbon footprint

A triumph of biophilic, home-owner-centric architecture in Amsterdam

Freebooter harmonizes form and function across a meticulously crafted layout

The Cradle: Düsseldorf’s first hybrid timber construction office building

Tower features innovative wooden façade that performs structural and shading functions in addition to housing the natural ventilation concept

Norway is home to the world’s tallest timber tower

Mjøstårnet represents a genuine milestone in its use of timber for construction and cladding

PLP Architecture wins Delftseplein competition in Rotterdam

At 140-meters and 37 storeys tall, ‘Tree House’ will be the tallest hybrid structure in the country

Perkins and Will design the world’s tallest hybrid wood tower

Canada Earth Tower will be a zero-emissions building and will not consume fossil fuels, such as natural gas, in operation